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Unlocking doors to Islamic knowledge.

Welcome to Online Mahed a pioneering online institute that offers a comprehensive understanding of classical Islamic disciplines through a range of simplified and well-structured ilm programs.

Featured Courses

Islamic Basics
Islamic Basics
Islamic Basics
Islamic Basics
Islamic Basics
Islamic Basics

We are the
Top Learning platform

  • With a transformational and ambitious vision to provide Islamic knowledge to people all over the world, particularly for those who are unable to seek Islamic knowledge due to their hectic schedules or who are unable to travel to sacred madrasas which have transferred the legacy of knowledge from one generation to another.

  • We've made it possible for students to learn authentic Islamic teachings from highly educated and designated Islamic scholars.

  • we will be focusing on diverse teachings of Islam like the Quran, hadees, fiqh, history, Arabic adab and many more

  • To make learning as easy as possible, we've developed and expanded a variety of part-time and full-time courses for students of every age and all professions

  • We aim to grow to be an educational centre of excellence via way of means of providing teachings of Islam in the traditional manner from best-designated scholars of Islam

Traditional Knowledge with a modern approach

Connect Globally

Enroll in classes from anywhere in the world. Join with ease through live video conferencing.

Simple & Easy

Attend classes on Microsoft Teams, a user-friendly platform.

Traditional & Authentic

Study Islamic knowledge from the comfort of your home, taught by expert scholars.


Join classes from a mobile device, tablet or laptop with internet connection.

Features of Online Mahed
Features of Online Mahed
  • ​At Online Mahed, we are dedicated to making the authentic teachings of Islam accessible to students all over the world.

  • Our "Learn from Anywhere" approach means that students can attend our classes from the comfort of their own home or office, with only a computer, tablet, or phone and an internet connection required.

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Explore Islamic Knowledge Through our Courses

Degree Programs

Online Mahed's degree programs deliver in-depth education on diverse teachings of Islam across associate's and bachelor's, levels. These comprehensive paths blend rigorous coursework, research, and practical experiences, fostering expertise for impactful roles.

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Short Courses

Online Mahed's short-term courses offer swift immersion into various teachings of Islam. With durations from 1 Week to 1 year, these focused programs rapidly enhance understanding and application of Islamic principles in everyday life.

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Upcoming Courses and Workshops 

  • History of the compilation of Quran (جمع قرآن) 

  • History of the Compilation of Hadith (تدوین حدیث)

  • History of the Compilation Fiqh (تدوین فقہ)

  • Fiqh & it's 4 schools of thoughts (فقہ اور اس کے چار مکاتب   فکر)

  • History of 4 imams ( ائمہ اربعہ کی تاریخ )

  • History of India (تاریخ ہند)

  • Parenting in Islam (اولاد کی تربیت)

  • Marital life in Islam ( ازدواجی زندگی)

  • Arabic Adab (عربی ادب)

  • Summer special classes for students (طلباء کے لیے سمر اسپیشل کلاسز ) 

  • Qurbani Masail course (قربانی کے مسائل) 

  • Halal food (حلال کھانا)

  • Namaz ( نماز کا طریقہ)

  • Roza ( روزہ کے مسائل)

  • Tafseer ( تفسیر کلام پاک)

  • Aqida al-Tahawiyya ( عقیدۃ الطحاوی)

  • Dowry (Jahez)

  • Legal awareness 

  • Law Coaching

  • The Role of Hadith in the Differences Between the Madhahib of Fiqh

  • Why we need Hadith

  • Sincerity – Ikhlas

  • Love of Allah


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