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4 Year Aalimah Course for Women

Course Description

The Aalimah Course offered by Online Mahed is a unique opportunity for students who wish to gain in-depth knowledge of Islamic sciences. This Course is based on the traditional curriculum of Dars-e-Nizami, which covers a broad range of subjects including Arabic language and its various sciences, commentary of the entire Qur’an, Hadith, Islamic law (Fiqh), principles of legal methodology (Usul al-Fiqh), beliefs (Aqeedah), Seerah, and more.

The Course is designed to provide students with a holistic approach to education, ensuring that they not only gain knowledge of the Islamic sciences, but also develop a deep understanding of the Islamic faith and its teachings.

At Online Mahed, students are guided by experienced and skilled faculty members who are experts in their respective fields.The faculty members are committed to providing students with a quality education.

As students progress through the Aalimah Program, they will be challenged to think critically and to engage with the material in a meaningful way. They will develop their skills in research, analysis, and critical thinking, as well as their ability to communicate effectively and to work collaboratively with others.

Overall, the Aalimah Course offered by Online Mahed provides students with a unique opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of Islamic sciences, while also developing a deep understanding of the Islamic faith and its teachings. Whether you are a student seeking to deepen your understanding of the Islamic faith or an individual interested in pursuing a career in Islamic Studies, the Aalimah Course at Online Mahed is the perfect choice for you.



I only understand basic Urdu and I am more comfortable in English which program should I join?

This program is designed for women who her more comfortable with English as a language.

Examinations will be conducted in the respective languages of the programs.

How will I get the books/texts?

We will arrange soft copies/scanned versions of all books that will be taught during the program.

Which curriculum will be followed?

We will be following the curriculum of Ders-e-Nizami

How are the examinations conducted?

Exams will be conducted online and twice a year

What degree will I receive by the end of the course?

By the end of the course, the student will get the certificate of online mahed, which is affiliated with Madersa Darul Uloom Gulshan-e-Fatima rz

How are the classes going to be conducted?

Classes will be conducted through online classroom software.

Will I have access to recordings if I miss any class?

Yes, recordings will be made available after every class.

Do I have takraar/practice sessions in addition to the teaching Sessions?

Yes, there will be 2-3 hours of takraar/practice sessions per week.

Will I be able to attend classes on phone/tablets?

Yes. The classes can be attended through a phone or tablet with an internet connection.

what's the minimal per cent of attendance needed to attend exams

Students need to have a minimum of 80% of attendance to attend final exams, more 5% could be allowed in exceptional cases And Students need to send a mail before taking leave

Admissions are Closed

Acadamic Details

Batch Number : 1 (Year 23-24)
Admissions Open for : Alimiyat Year 1.
Course Duration : 5 Years
Working Day's : Monday to Friday
Timing : 2.5 hrs per Day (i.e. 5:30pm to 8: 00 pm)
Admission Fee : ₹ 1500
Monthly Fee : ₹ 2000

Best Faculty
Live Classes
Class Recordings 

Important Notes

1. Each student at Online Mahed has their own individual account

2. Male students receiving instructions from male faculty members and female students from female faculty members. This ensures a comfortable and secure learning environment for all students.

3. Separate batches for brothers and sisters

4. Roman English Books are provided for students who don't know Urdu.

5. Students can Write exam in Urdu and English.

6. Students will have monthly Tasawwuf Majlis from Mashaikh

7. Recordings of all classes will be available to students after completion of each class

8. After completion of the course, students will get the certificate

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