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Madarsa Darul Uloom Gulshan-e-Fátima rz, Sirpur Kaghaznagar, Telangana, India was founded by Mufti Abdul Mannan Rasheedi (DB) in 2003. This institute had an amazing impact on the academic development of a number of students, under the guidance of Mufti Abdul mannan Rasheedi (DB) a new online institute “ONLINE MAHED'' is established to impart knowledge of classical Islamic disciplines through various simplified and well-structured ilm programs. 

Online Mahed is a pioneering online institute that offers a comprehensive understanding of classical Islamic disciplines through a range of simplified and well-structured ilm programs. Founded by the distinguished Mufti Abdul Mannan Rasheedi (DB), this institute aims to provide a nurturing environment for students to learn, grow, and develop their knowledge of Islam.

Our primary goal is to revive the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Mohammed sws (PBUM) and instill the highest moral conduct, Iklaq-e-hameeda, in our students through regular tarbiyah sessions. We believe that it is essential to provide our students with a foundation of knowledge and values that will help them navigate the complexities of modern society with dignity and grace.

At Online Mahed, we offer valuable Islamic insight on contemporary and lifestyle issues pertinent to men and women. Our aim is to help students comply with Sunnah and Shariah in their daily lives, thereby enabling them to lead fulfilling lives that are in accordance with Islamic teachings.

We also focus on instilling the love of ALLAH and His Prophet in our students through regular online gatherings. Our aim is to promote spiritual development and awareness of a deep connection with ALLAH through increased remembrance. We believe that by fostering a love for ALLAH, we can help our students develop a deeper sense of purpose and fulfilment in their lives.

Under the guidance of Mufti Abdul Mannan Rasheedi (DB), Online Mahed is committed to academic excellence, moral development, and spiritual growth. We strive to provide our students with the tools and resources they need to develop a strong foundation of Islamic knowledge and values that will help them navigate the complexities of modern society with confidence and ease.

Thank you for considering Online Mahed. We invite you to explore our programs and join us in our mission to help you become the best version of yourself.

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Mufti Abdul Mannan Rasheedi

Mufti Abdul Mannan Rasheedi Sahab (DB) is the founding father of Madarsa Darul Uloom Gulshan-e-Fatima rz the parent institute of Online Mahed. Was principal of Madarsa Arabiya Baitul Uloom in Sirpur Kaghaz Nagar, when he ascertained the necessity for Islamic education of women in this region, he started an institute Madersa Darul-Uloom Gulshan-e-Fatima rz in Sirpur Kaghaznagar, Telangana, India in the year 2003, Mufti Abdul Mannan has nearly thirty-five years of expertise in teaching and managing madrasa.

Vision & Values

  • Comprehensive Learning

  • Moral Excellence

  • Spiritual Connection

  • Guidance for Life

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