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Nazira Quran Course

Course Outline

Online Mahed’s Nazira Quran online Course intends to assist the students to read the holy Quran verbally. Our experienced and expert Huffaz has Ijazas to assist each student to achieve their Quran with Tajweed (Pronunciation of Holy Quran).

Learning goals:

Learn Noorani Qaida (basics to read the Quran with grammar)

Learn to Read Quran with Tajweed.

Is there an age restriction for this course?

Yes. The minimum age to enrol in the course is 12 years.

Is there a prerequisite for enrolling in the course?

We only ask that students have a positive attitude and a desire to learn. There are no prerequisites for this course other than a willingness to learn.

Admissions are Closed
Acadamic Details

Classe Starting Date: 22nd May 2023
Course Duration :
Working Day's : Monday to Thursday & Saturday
Timings : As per Slots Available
Admission Fee : ₹ 1200
Monthly Fee : ₹ 1000
This is One-on-One Course (i.e. 1 faculty : 1 Student)

Best Faculty
Live Classes
Class Recordings 

Important Notes

1. Each student at Online Mahed has their own individual account

2. Male students receiving instructions from male faculty members and female students from female faculty members. This ensures a comfortable and secure learning environment for all students.

3. Separate batches for brothers and sisters

4. Roman English Books are provided for students who don't know Urdu.

5. Students can Write exam in Urdu and English.

6. Students will have monthly Tasawwuf Majlis from Mashaikh

7. Recordings of all classes will be available to students after completion of each class

8. After completion of the course, students will get the certificate

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